Subject: Marvin spluttered, nearly spilling what was left of his cider.
Posted on: 2016-10-05 17:56:13 UTC

"Erm. Well. Uh, thanks?" Marvin coughed, looking to Printworthy. "Sorry. Cider. Throat. You?"

Printworthy smiled, extending a hoof to the rather unexpected fan. Although, he was somewhat used to it, from his past life. "Well, it is a pleasure to meet you too. Please, sit down." He took a look over his new guests. They were rather unique individuals. Almost certainly from Mary Sues. Even now, outside of combat, the rainbow haired one held a slight defensive stance. "I must admit, I am honored and humbled by your appreciation of our work. However, your partner is right. Here, we are all agents."

Marvin managed to stop choking somewhere in the middle of Printworthy's little speech. "So, fellas. Where you from? Home World's, I mean. I'm from World One, and you get one guess about old Prints over here." He glanced at the female, and snickered. "Hold on, let me guess. Hot Topic?" He clamped his hand over his mouth. "Sorry."

((I'm a little swamped right now, with work and woodcutting. However, when things calm down a little on my end, I may be interested, yeah. Fair warning: I take a long time to write. I'm not like Ix. I can take ages to get done with a mission. This may well take several months after we get started to publish. Not trying to dissuade you, just letting you know.))

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