Subject: "Sweet friggin' Celestia!"
Posted on: 2016-10-05 14:52:32 UTC

Before Marvin could finish his cider, a young man with rainbow-colored hair and a light blue pilot's jacket joined the two of them. His magenta eyes twinkled with delight, his pointed teeth (pointed teeth?!) bared in an excited grin.

"Could it be? Could it really be THE Marvin and Printworthy?! It is! OmigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshOMIGOSH! Hiiiii, nice to seeya! Rayner Blitzkreig, DMS, it's an honor!"

"Is it, really?" A tall, dark-haired young woman, bound in chains of light with a large book chained to her ankle, had also joined them. The strangest thing about her wasn't the horns on her shoulders, or the leather wings on her back, or her reptilian tail. No, it was the fact that her severed head was currently balanced, upside-down, on top of the stump of her neck.

"What's so significant about these two, really?" asked E.V.L. "They're just agents."

"Just agents? The All-Purpose Department, My Little Pony Division? They buckin' founded that division!" He turned back to the two of them. "Sorry 'bout that, guys. My partner's as rude as Tartarus, and I can't really change that no matter how hard I try."

"What, no mention of all those trips to FicPsych?" E.V.L. smirked.

"Those. Don't. Count. Anyway... Can we sit here? We were hopin' to talk to you two. Assuming you can put up with my nasty excuse of a partner, that is!"

"Oh, shut it, Pony Boy."

(OOC: Jumper, if you're available to co-write with anyone, I'd love to write a mission with you! I even have a fic on the Claimed list for us to use, if you're interested! :D)

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