Subject: "Oh. Well, um."
Posted on: 2016-10-06 04:20:22 UTC

"There are two mammals on World One that still lay eggs like birds, and they both live in Australia. One is the echidna, which basically looks like a hedgehog—um, four legs, skinny snout, covered in spines, burrows underground and eats bugs. And the platypus is a weird animal, because it's furry, but it lives in rivers, so it has webbed feet and a duck beak and a flat tail for swimming. Oh, and male platypi have a chunk of bone sticking out of their back ankles that can poison predators they kick, and they're the only venomous mammal. In my world, anyway."

Vania was holding her arms out towards Doc while looking at her new tablemates. "This. He pulls this crap every mission. Something happens in the badfic, and he's all like, 'That's wrong, because blah blah blah fourteenth-century Scottish castle construction blah blah.' It's—" She huffed and put her head in her hands. "is that, is this, just a thing? That partners do? Do you two do this at each other? I mean, I never get a turn. Ugh."

Doc shrugged. "I read. Things." He sipped more of his drink. "Castles were mostly being phased out for tower houses in Scotland by the fourteenth century, though."


((Turns out, three of the four echidna species are critically endangered right now, and I have a sad. :( ))

((Also, arbitrary assumption that Shamrock would know what a duck beak looks like, but not a beaver tail, is arbitrary.))

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