Subject: "Oh, you just had to ask."
Posted on: 2016-10-05 04:22:37 UTC

Shamrock didn't seem to notice her partner's sigh. "The world that I come from, Remnant, is inhabited by these big nasty critters called Grimm. As a huntress, I was training to fight them before I came here. They're soulless creatures of destruction and dread, and are attracted to human suffering. You've got fairly weak ones, like Beowolves and Creeps, but there are some big nasty ones out there like the Goliaths and Nevermores." She grinned and patted the haft of the giant axe on her back. "They were no match for me and Schmerzweimel, though!"

"She likes to talk about her weapon like it's alive," Randa whispered to Vania.

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