Subject: 'Funny how we don-t have a single insane person in the whole organisation.'
Posted on: 2016-10-07 09:08:56 UTC

'Makes me wonder what the hell they do in FicPsych all day.' Finch said, sarcasm circuits buzzing with overpowering energy. ''I-m S86FNC-11630, he-s Bernhard Bingard Bingle, and we-re in Building Maintenance. We-re very familiar with your department. Especially what it does to its hallways. And what those hallways then try doing to us.

'You should appreciate them more, Finch,' Bingle said, pallid face displaying nothing short of innocent sincerity. 'Almost half of our workload comes from them, you know.'

'Half of our injuries, too, Bingle.'

Bingle shrugged with the kind of nonchalance only a man without a working nervous system could shrug with.

'Now, how on earth did an entire forest get possessed? I remember the last time that sort of thing happened.'

'I remember the hallways from then, too.'

'Oh, absolutely terrible,' Bingle agreed.

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