Subject: "No, not at all!"
Posted on: 2016-10-06 03:21:24 UTC

Shamrock pulled a chain out from under her shirt and held out the phial on the end. "This is my emergency supply," she said. "Dust comes in both crystal and ground forms; it's what allowed humans and Faunus to first fight back against the Grimm when we were nearly driven to extinction. People harness Dust's powers to channel elemental effects, like fire or ice."

Randa returned with a bowl of walnuts for Shamrock and a sandwich for herself. Shamrock began stuffing the food in her mouth, pausing when she realized Randa was giving her a meaningful look. "What?" Shamrock said around her bulging cheeks.

"Nothing," Randa said, turning her attention to her sandwich.

Shamrock chewed, swallowed, then said, "So tell me more about these egg-laying mammals!"

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