Subject: Doc's knee was hammering up and down under the table.
Posted on: 2016-10-05 03:04:38 UTC

He was fidgeting so badly, he had barely gotten any of his pasta down. He suddenly jumped at an imagined nothing and brushed at his arm vigorously.

Vania sat with her forehead resting in her hand, head low to the table. "Doc. Please, please relax. You're fine." She idly scratched her spoon against her empty plate.

Doc dropped his fork onto the plate. "I canNOT get stung by a bee. Every male in my family has had horrible reactions to bee stings. I've never been stung, so I have no idea if I inherited that, so I can't ever take the risk of getting stung, because it could—"

Vania slammed the spoon down into the plate. "For the last time, those weren't even bees! They were some parasite something. I don't know if they're even insects!" She glanced down at her cracked plate, and her face went a little white. "Oh, crud."

Doc was about to reply, but it turned into a yelp as he jerked away from someone who had brushed against his elbow while walking behind Doc's seat.

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