Subject: Peregrin sat down, and Tomash joined him
Posted on: 2016-10-06 22:46:48 UTC

"We were exorcising the Everfree Forest, in the My Little Pony universe. A Stu had merged with it, and was able to control it somewhat. So the Aviator and Zeb, I think, or maybe it was Zeb and Alex, asked all of us to go throughout the forest and exorcise." Peregrin explained.

"Performing an exorcism as a pony was certainly interesting." he added.

Tomash chimed in "Yeah, but then we got attacked by trees. Not so fun."

Peregrin noticed that Finch was still smoking. "Er, Mr., ah, Bingle, is your partner well? Or do parts of them often fire off into the distance?"

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