Subject: Doc groaned, "Nooooooooo . . ."
Posted on: 2016-10-08 04:39:06 UTC

"Yeah, so you know how Butterbeer has almost no alcohol in it, to the point where eleven-year-olds can drink it in wizarding society? Well, Doc is apparently such a rampaging teetotaler that he flipped out when he found out he had been drinking stuff meant for preteens."

"Nuuuuuuuuu . . ." Doc began sinking slowly down in his chair.

"And he freaks so badly, he convinces himself—purely psychological, mind you—that he must be drunk now, because that's how it works, obviously. And I wake up the next morning to an RC full of plastic flamingos full of glitter, because Doc has been out remote activating under the influence all night."

"Stop ignoring my wishes," Doc whispered, head just barely over the tabletop now.

And he went to Camp Halfblood, of all places—Doc, have you even read any Percy Jackson?"

"Not as of the time of this writing," came the answer from beneath the table.

Vania grimaced at the weird answer and continued. "And then went to a Sue town—which we're at peace with, so thank goodness he didn't start some kind of incident."

"You're killing me, Vania, I'm dying now."

"And then he ends up back on World One, in the middle of some beach in winter, and nearly gives his fool of a self frostbite."

"Vania, why is your shirt full of—" Then, he made a sound akin to footwear hitting a jawline.

"So Rina and I track him down, through all this, and freeze our butts off getting him to Medical so he doesn't die. And, we had to run damage control and neuralyze a bunch of people who saw our portal. You'd best believe the Hyacinth had some words to say about that."

"That was only part of the reason for our punishment," mumbled Doc from the floor.

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