Subject: Note to self: taunting the blatant Reality Warper is an awful idea.
Posted on: 2017-08-06 03:26:48 UTC

The Hostess reaches into her own chest and drew out a pink-tinged halberd, which she proceeds to grip in a manner that indicates many hours of practice. The ground around her feet for several feet becomes slightly sludge-like, though she does not sink - anyone else standing there sinks perhaps an inch or two, and has a bit of trouble trying to pick their feet up.

Those able to see her eyes might notice that said eyes are no longer green; instead, they seem to be swirling with pink, black, bright blue, and a significantly too-dark green. None of the colors are actually mixing, either. How peculiar.

((Oh, and yes, the colors are actually moving. Have fun thinking about how that looks.))