Subject: You arrive at the refreshments table.
Posted on: 2017-07-22 21:36:14 UTC

There are three cakes - a red velvet cake, a cheesecake, and an ice-cream cake. The red velvet is in the shape of the Hylian Shield (and frosted to match), the cheesecake has no adornment but is very large, and the ice-cream cake reads "HAPPY GRADUATION". There are also several trays of cupcakes, several of cookies, and so many dishes of candy.

In fact, you don't see any food that isn't a sweet. Wow. Callie's legendary sweet tooth was not exaggerated at all, it seems.

You do, however, spy two face-down playing cards on the table. At least they look like playing cards. They seem to be from two different decks; one has a capital A worked into the back, and the other has a capital C.

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