Subject: 'Why else would you kill someone?'
Posted on: 2017-07-25 21:35:20 UTC

'If you aren't killing them for good you could probably just tie them up and gag them,' he said, rubbing his chin. Admittedly, the image of a tied-up and gagged Cal, struggling awkwardly on the floor and bumping against table legs and knocking cups down, probably would have created a very different atmosphere than the one they were currently in. He glanced around. The other guests were moving about, peeking at things, pointing, investigating. There was industry, suddenly, in the room.

'What now, you think?' Mister Turkey said, scratching his nose. His personal suggestions would have been 'bury' or 'mourn' or some combination, but he was beginning to think that there was a bit more to this all than those would have helped with.

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