Subject: The gaining of magic...
Posted on: 2017-07-23 04:03:01 UTC

They stopped, eyes widening in shock as they felt themselves grow somehow. The plate of cake dropped to the floor unheeded as Sapphire doubled over, breathing heavily, as magic took root in them. Their thought process ran something like: "This is weird and not supposed to happen. Was there something in that cake? Oh, wait, this is Calliope's party, why am I surprised? Of course weird things are going to occur. Also, I have magic now. This is awesome! I wonder what I can do with it? I guess I'll find out. Darn, I dropped my cake. Guess I have to go get more." They stood up again and tried to straighten their suit unobtrusively, wondering how many people were staring and doing their very best not to look around and find out. Sapphire decided on second thought to not go back to the table, where there were no doubt several people gathered, and continued to head towards the wall.

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