Subject: A New Player Enters the Game
Posted on: 2017-07-30 06:28:07 UTC

The door shudders and jolts. From its bottom, a green ooze begins to seep onto the balcony floor, before covering it in entirety. After a mere moment, the ooze is absorbed into the very being of the flooring, and takes on a reflective sheen. Within the mirror's depths, a figure begins striding to the surface before emerging into the material plane, still walking up the very wall itself for a full two meters, at which point it falls towards the ground. Before striking the surface, however, it arches its back, rolling into a reverse somersault, then propels itself into the air in a double flip, landing with its back to the group and arms raised above its head. Upon realizing it's facing away from the group, it turns and re-emphasizes its pose.

The clothes the figure wears are an odd sort. The left side is a dull bronze in tone, while the right is a vibrant purple, both richly patterned, and a linen shirt below. The pants feature the same purple as the coat, and the same patterning as well. Upon its face is a brightly patterned mask, twisted into a manic grin. Its build is thin and whip-like, with long and lanky limbs. Also long was its hair, gathered together in a high horsetail, with a darkened appearance.

"I see that somebody wants to get into Spanky's Funhouse!" the being exclaims, seeming almost to flow towards the group, the mask moving as though it were the thing's own face. "You've got the wrong door, though! It's over here, you see." It sidles over to the door on the rightmost wall and opens it, spilling out a cloud of noxious fumes. "Oops!" the creature yelps, quickly shutting the door. "Wrong door!" It waves its hands towards the door, and the surface takes on a mirror sheen. The door is reopened, revealing a brightly lit room with vibrant coloring, and a cheery, jaunting tune with no readily discernible source. "Ah! Here it is!" It gestures for the group to enter, contorting its entire form into the motion. "Come now, and let's have some fun!"

((And so enters Spanky the Clown, at long last! For the actual appearance of the clothes, he's wearing Sheogorath's outfit from Skyrim, and for the mask, he's wearing this lovely little piece: As for the music being played in the Funhouse, it's this nice little tune: Hope you guys have some fun with him. [insert sinister chuckle here]))

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