Subject: It was hard to tell the gender of the figure who slipped into the room.
Posted on: 2017-07-20 05:44:46 UTC

The lower part of their outfit seemed to be a dress that had several layers to it, each a subtly different shade of deep red. The layers all touched the floor, completely concealing the person's legs and feet, although somehow, it never seemed to give them any trouble as they walked through the room. Not once could they be seen to even pause as if the dress had caught on something. The shirt was also rather feminine, and the sleeves were slightly loose, dangling a little and with frilly cuffs that concealed whatever might be inside them. However, if they were indeed a girl, they were an incredibly flat-chested one, given how the shirt seemed to fit. They wore a mask that completely covered their face. It was of a slightly different shade of red from the cowl that the figure had drawn over their head, which conveniently prevented anybody from seeing the color of their hair, and had a number of silvery-white lines running across it. These lines seemed to run from the mask onto the cowl, and from there down and across the entire costume, giving it the impression of trailing small lines of mist wherever it went. The mask wore a gentle smile that disguised the true expression of the one behind it, and the eyeholes had mirrored, silvery lenses that allowed the wearer to see others with perfect clarity, but did not allow even a hint of their true face through. Not even the figure's hands were visible, for they were covered in red gloves that also bore the white lines of the rest of the costume.

The figure surveyed the room, true opinions hidden behind the serene smile on the mask. Finally, they started gliding along the wall, but before they could do... whatever it was they were doing, they bumped into a man in a simple black cloak with enough force to send them stumbling back a little, although amazingly, they didn't trip on their dress and fall down. "I'm sorry," they said once they regained their balance. "Are you alright?"

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