Subject: Space warps. The lights are obscured. Something terrible is happening.
Posted on: 2017-07-25 03:03:02 UTC

This time, instead of the lights coming back on like the flick of a switch, a fog dissipates from around the fixtures. Once things become visible again - which was about half of the normal light level - you can make out the figure of a body, a female. When the light returns to normal, well…

It’s Calliope.

That… that cannot possibly be right. She was just doing a circuit of the room, wasn’t she?

Wait, no. She was dragging the Cryptographer to the Garnet Ghast.

Or was she laughing at Sapphire?

No, she was messing with Mister Turkey.

No, wait, it was Yatagarasu.

Oh gosh. Where was she? She couldn’t have been in five places at once. It just wouldn’t have been possible.

But you look around and you don’t see her anywhere save for over the railing of a balcony, not only hung but impaled on a spear of some kind. The lights couldn't have been obscured for that long... and you heard nothing.

So what happened?

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