Subject: A slightly nervous-looking young woman entered the manor.
Posted on: 2017-07-20 12:19:56 UTC

She tugged at the silk of her dress, her self-consciousness easing slightly as she saw the myriad of fancy costumes in the room. She'd worried she'd overdone it, with the ballgown the color of wine and the silver tracing the bodice and down to the hem in a curlicue pattern. A black, satiny mask covered the upper half of her face, and was touched with the same silver pattern as her dress. Her gloves, too, were black and satiny. Her dishwater-blonde hair was pinned back (with ruby pins, no less) so it fell in a waterfall of curls down to her shoulder blades.

She had a secret.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped further into the party, looking for any familiar faces in the crowd.

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