Subject: He had just been poked.
Posted on: 2017-07-25 11:01:18 UTC

It was a poke he would have recognised anywhere. He would have known it without sight, in a totally pitch black room, no way of visibly perceiving anything at all. It was Cal's poke, and it was very fitting that he would have known it in a pitch black room because the room turned pitch black the very second he turned to respond. And then she was gone. And then there was a commotion. And then Mister Turkey wandered over with a raised eyebrow and looked at the source of the commotion, which was Cal. Except not the poking Cal he was so familiar with - this was a completely new Cal, nicknamed (for lack of any better suggestions) 'dead and mysteriously decaying Cal.'

'Cal!' Mister Turkey howled, placing his hands to his face. He looked frenetically about himself. 'Is anybody else seeing this?! She's dead! Cal!' He pointed. 'She's bloody dead!! Is anybody else seeing this?!' He ran his hands down his face, not entirely sure of what to say next. 'I really liked her, you know! She was really nice! She got us a party and everything!' He blinked twice. 'Is anyone else seeing this?!'

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