Subject: Huh. A card?
Posted on: 2017-07-26 05:21:18 UTC

Clearly, something was going on here. The Musician bent down, still holding the bell aloft, and picked up the card. "Knight" was an interesting message- she'd have time to investigate it further when Garnet wasn't getting eaten by empty nothingness. She tucked it into her pocket next to the other one...

It felt like she was getting torn in half. It felt like she was standing beside herself, the universe pouring through a gap torn in her soul. It felt like she was falling- burning- she couldn't even scream, it was so intense- and then she was filled with light where she had never noticed how empty she was.

She picked herself up off the floor - apparently she'd collapsed without even noticing it, planned and coordinated tones from her bells replaced with a discordant jangling. She didn't notice it, but she was glowing, slightly - although that faded quickly.

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