Subject: The Clock Strikes Midnight.
Posted on: 2017-07-20 03:28:43 UTC

It is now the Twentieth of July in the year 2017. You, like several other people, received an invitation two days ago, written in elegant, loopy handwriting:

Dearest friend,

I am hosting a masquerade this twentieth of July in celebration of my birthday. It would be simply wonderful if you attended! Be sure to dress up for the occasion, should you come; the preferred (but not the only acceptable) colors are black, white, and red - but then, you already knew that. After all, when do I ever change?

Ever yours,


Having decided to accept your friend’s invitation, you enter the grand manor you were given directions to all those months ago when invited to the Christmas party (a much less formal affair, but memorable all the same) - you know by now that this is not Calliope’s home, per se, but that she is entitled to it all the same. Perhaps it belongs to a relative?

Upon entry to the house, you note the interesting number of other guests already present, and you think you recognize several friends in the crowd, but knowing Calliope she isn’t out mingling just yet.

What do you do?

((Hello, all! Welcome to the Boarder Masquerade! This is a roleplay for, well, a masquerade. From the intro, you may have guessed that it's because it's my birthday. (I hope it isn't too pretentious of me to hold a party, but I did want to do this. I think it will be interesting!) The setting is an AU where we all have access to one another and also to classy clothing. Do keep in mind that this is a masquerade - you've come in a mask, and your identity is thus concealed. Come up with a name or title that isn't your regular Board name and have fun trying to guess who you're talking to!

Also, because I am a very weak woman, there will be Plot Shenanigans. If you did not receive something special from me, don't worry - I haven't forgotten you. Everyone who participates has a part to play; some of you just needed a little... advance warning.

Cheers, all!))

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