Subject: The Hostess was rapidly becoming frustrated.
Posted on: 2017-07-29 17:40:15 UTC

She made a low growling noise as she stared at her Board. Where was her helper? Granted, he would be an awfully powerful variable, but at least that would be something!

Realizing her shoulderblades had gotten pushed out, the Hostess straightened and tried to calm down. She most certainly didn't need more Streets, thank you very much.

At the thought, she allowed herself to spend a few minutes arguing herself about which Street she would even get. Anger? Impatience? Something from the L/O/L glitchpile? Restlessness?

...probably that last one.

Agh! She was getting distracted again! Stupid dead apathy, making her not care about staying focused... how long was resurrection going to take, anyways?!