Subject: Spanky strikes a dramatic, wrist-on-forehead pose.
Posted on: 2017-08-02 07:41:10 UTC

"Alas! The curious cat indeed met misfortune, though how was she to know the shark was hungry?" The clown exclaimed, hamming for all it was worth. "And woe is Spanky that he cannot float! Climb walls, yes; walk within the mirrors, yes; bend reality itself to his will, yes! But floating yet eludes him!" A single tear begins to form in the eye of its mask. "Oh, if only Spanky could award brave party goers with fabulous prizes! That would make him truly happy, yes! But alas! He cannot, unless they can make it through his funhouse. But they do not, and so Spanky must consign himself to be a sad clown, with a sad piano, and a sad funhouse, and a sad funhouse is no fun at all!" As if to confirm that the funhouse itself was sad, the jaunting tune began to warp an slow until it jangled discordantly, and the brightly painted walls began to gray.