Subject: Dear Tomash...
Posted on: 2019-06-20 19:58:59 UTC

Dear Tomash,

Phil is the one that does most of the writing, actually. Sometimes he'll sit me down and make me do it, though. When he does he's pretty intense, pacing back and forth behind me. Honestly I had a bad habit of not filling out mission reports properly, but Agent Phil has taken time out of his busy schedule to teach me how to do them proper. He's such a good teacher. Of course sometimes I'd rather work on my sick skateboard tricks but what can you do? Amirite? High Five!

Sincerely, Spensor

PS: Phil here. I had to write this reply for Spensor. He dictated it to me and I essentially 'translated' it into something comprehensible. I would like to make it perfectly clear that I in no way relish the chore of having to do my job and Spencer's job at the same time. If you have clout I beg you please try to fast track Spencer's probation. I'll say anything to get out of this.

Regards, Phil

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