Subject: Well, first, it is Marina.
Posted on: 2019-06-02 15:04:41 UTC

Second... Well, there was my old laptop, not so long ago, actually. We had manage to avoid this happening to important things... or things not pretty much doomed to go back to the DoSAT anyways. Not really her fault though, her Mini was the one which ended up yanking the cable I was using for charging it up, and at that point, it was pure reflex to not let it crash on the floor. I was talking about (and needing) to replace it with an upgrade, but... Well, I hope DoSAT can salvage the data. You wouldn't believe how many musics, mods, files, Internet links and ebooks you can hoard on just one device... (Totally not regretting my electrical shaver though. Dang thing could never actually shave anything.)

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