Subject: Well, that depends.
Posted on: 2019-06-03 20:06:09 UTC

If you mean the weirdest thing I ever stole personally, that'd be this one ring I took off a man at the Old Market in Kerranthorn. Ugly snake lookin' thing carved outta stone, but it's eyes... I swear they glowed when you looked away. Made me feel like something was watching me. Needless to say I lost it quick as I could, threw it straight into the jungle. Didn't seem to get rid of it, though. Saw the man the next day and there it was on his finger. Well, either that or he had a spare, but who has two creepy snake rings?

Now, as for the weirdest thing I helped steal, that'd definitely be the winged elephant statue. Don't know who made it or why, but it was this great big wooden elephant with whopping great wings like an eagle, and every inch was covered in poetry. Some nutter in a cloak paid my captain to steal the thing from an island governor's mansion after a storm just about tore his roof off. Can't imagine why it was worth stealing, but we didn't ask too many questions when things were desperate.

Went pretty smoothly, all things considered. We flew in while the governor was away, I slipped in and knocked out the guard, we sawed off what was left of the governor's roof, put cables 'round our catch, and lifted it into the night with the Dancer. Wish I could have seen the governor's face when he got back from his little shindig, though. That must have been priceless.

((OOC:)) Thank you for the excellent question, it was very fun coming up with the answer!

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