Subject: Ah, hey there Rita.
Posted on: 2019-06-02 18:01:12 UTC

Well, I can only say so much. I'm a nurse myself, confidentiality and all that, and it's...heavy personal stuff that I'd rather not just throw around every detail of.

But it's pretty nice back there, it's a good quiet place to recover. Don't know of any secret specialists. The food's better than the Cafeteria, but it's got nothing on Rudi's.

It's a little lonely, though, being cooped up, and the nurses wouldn't let me out of their sight. Not that I blame them, especially not after the incident with my bedsheet. (Tore it up to make rope, realized I didn't have anything to tie it to, and ate it. I don't know whether to be impressed at my own creativity or relieved someone was there to stop me.) I'm glad I got dragged there, but glad to be back as well.

Oh, and one final thing that I just want to have put out there? Back in Tyrnos, there's a way of saying goodbye to someone you have reason to believe you'll never see again. So, readers - if I ever try to end a conversation by kissing your forehead and saying "go with the gods", drag me right back to FicPsych, okay?

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