Subject: Dawn opened her mouth to reply, and then closed it when her brain caught up to the implications.
Posted on: 2018-06-13 23:32:02 UTC

Annoyingly, her cheeks were heating up again. It was the suddenness of the invitation that had done it; she wasn't used to people flirting with her at random, and especially not with dinner offers. Definitely not dinner offers within half an hour of meeting her.

Then again, could this really be called random? It was technically a speed-dating event, and she had chosen to sit down here...

"I do like stories," she said cautiously, "and that really does sound pretty interesting--and, well, food is always great, I like food, everyone likes food--but I'm not, uh, really looking for...well, I came here mostly to make friends. Or maybe find someone to date, but that'd be more by chance, I think--I'm not really, seriously, actively looking. And, um, feel free to prove me wrong, but from the little bit I know about you, I don't really think we'd be looking for the same things there?"

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