Subject: Speed-Dating RP!
Posted on: 2018-06-11 23:41:58 UTC

Because apparently watching Jacques Bonnefoy flirt with people in RP format is entertaining enough to spawn this!

Essentially: some mad brave soul has set up a speed-dating event in HQ. No, it was not Jacques, what are these lies. Everyone is welcome, whether they've wandered in for the free food and drinks or are actually looking to meet people (whether for platonic or non-platonic purposes. Hey, you can make friends in the strangest of places!)

At one of the tables is one Jacques Bonnefoy, ESAS. Being a former Jack Harkness character replacement, he's quite used to getting attention--and he loves it. He's here to make as many friends, acquaintances, and everything in between as possible, and will talk to absolutely anyone who cares to approach him.


Essentially, this started up when, in the middle of a Discord roleplay, I mentioned it would be amusing to write something for the badfic games about Jacques going around and trying to flirt with as many agents as he could find. Then it became 'well, it would be interesting to get lists of how all different agents would react and then write based on that...' which in turn became 'there could be a thread somewhere to get IC lists?' which Thoth then said should be a roleplay thread. So, after a bit of convincing, here we are.

(There was a speed-dating roleplay thread in the past. I have not tracked it down to check exactly how it worked, and am not the one who ran it. If anyone remembers something from it that would make this one run smoother, feel free to mention!)

While this did start because of Jacques and he is mentioned above, he's by no means the only person around! He's just the agent I'm immediately throwing out there, because, let's face it, this is exactly his scene. He will cheerfully flirt and/or make friends with anyone who's open to it.

Please do start many subthreads that have nothing to do with him. Multiple conversations with the same characters are quite fine as well--speed-dating is built for it!

And, as always, Permission is unnecessary for RP participation. All are welcome!

Enjoy, I hope?


PS: Should you wish to, perhaps, mention how even characters you don't want to actually throw in here would react to being flirted with by Jacques...well, you may see that (perhaps deliberately poorly) fictionalized come the next Badfic Games in September ;) The more amusing the better!

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