Subject: Not one, but three agents entered the room.
Posted on: 2018-06-12 01:50:15 UTC

"...So anyways, that's why systemd is the worst."

"Tom," said Talia, rolling her eyes, "you're acting like I don't know all of this already. Or like he cares."

"I don't", Dagger was quick to opine. "In case you thought I did." The surly Dragonborn trailed slightly, as if trying to distance himself.

"Fiiine... I'll just leave my fascinating technical trivia by the wayside, then." Tom sighed. "With my winning personality, I'm sure people will be throwing themselves at me..."

Talia grinned. "Oh, don't worry so much. I'm sure someone will want to hang with an absolute doofus."

"Well, I'm not that bad." Tom frowned. "No, my real question is, what the hell is Dagger doing here?"

"That's easy," said Dagger. "Free food. I got recruited out of college. Never broke the habit of not turning down a free meal."

((Yes, everyone but Thoth. I wanted to give them all a bit of time to shine, because he's the one who gets all the focus usually. :-(.

Anyways, responses to flirting:

Thoth - Depending on the mood, explain he's not interested, brush it off (possibly with a side of condescention), or find some way to mess with whoever's throwing it at him.

Tom - Seeing as we're talking about a guy, he's be horrifyingly embarrassed, awkward, and uncomfortable.

Talia - Go along with it. Possibly with some snark on the side. Unlikely to take it any further than that.

Dagger - Most likely, outright hostility, sarcasm, and general bitterness (contrast his usual apathetic grumpiness—wait, you haven't seen enough of him to do that yet). Even if he finds the guy attractive. Yes, he is into guys. Is this surprising? :-P))

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