Subject: Dax entered the room, looking around.
Posted on: 2018-06-12 13:02:23 UTC

He'd changed out of his usual things into a black silk tunic and boots that weren't scuffed and dusty, and his hair was braided even more elaborately than usual. He spotted Jacques at one of the tables and waved, but decided to sit elsewhere. He and Jacques had seen each other plenty of times in the past; no need to hog his favorite partner at a speed dating event.

He took a seat and looked around interestedly.

((As for how my characters would react to Jacques:

The Aviator would flirt back with heavy sarcasm Zeb would be like "Oh, are we on another date? :D" Charlotte and Ix: Well, you know, Dax flirts back Lorson sits there stony-faced Farilan laughs derisively Alex just grins And Olivine gives him a puzzled look and goes "Hang on, are you flirting, Squishy?"

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