Subject: Farah Tahar came into the room and started wandering around, looking for people to talk to.
Posted on: 2018-06-13 02:53:54 UTC

She'd gotten the invitation to this "speed dating" event, and she'd thought it was a good idea to come. She wasn't really looking for romance, but she'd only been in HQ for a few weeks now, and thought she'd come and get to know some people. Before heading down, she'd given her mane a more careful trim than usual.

(( Now, being flirted with by Jacques: - Once Peregrin had realized what was happening, it'd set him to reminiscing about his youth and also explaining he's not that interested. - Taq would be kinda weirded out by this - Kk'kttak's reaction would be along the lines of "crazy humans" and being pretty uninterested if/when he noticed the attempt - Farah would likely flirt back a bit, though it probably wouldn't go too far. - Florian is Not Interested. They're also basically a Dalek with a bunch of fire hoses and water canons and such attached, and so probably not prime flirting material. ))

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