Subject: Jacques sat at one of the tables, scanning the room.
Posted on: 2018-06-12 00:17:05 UTC

He was dressed far more casually than usual, in dark jeans and a deep purple t-shirt of a soft fabric that clung pleasantly. His favored black military jacket was draped over the back of his chair.

He was glad this event was happening, even if not too many people had shown up yet. It felt nice, having a break from missions which was specifically set aside to talk to people. Who knew how many strangers would show up? He'd been an agent for five years, but that (unfortunately) didn't mean he'd managed to meet the whole of HQ's population. For one thing, HQ was big; for another, not everyone frequented the same places, or any places outside their own RCs. Moreover, new people were coming in all the time...

This was going to be fun. He could already tell. Who knew how many friends (and 'friends') he'd manage to make here? And he could get to know people he already knew a bit better--he could see a few of them in the room...

Yes, this was definitely going to be fun.

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