Subject: Re: On the contrary!
Posted on: 2009-02-03 22:55:00 UTC

Yes, according to EGS canon, the TF gun adds hetero attraction to the switched person's usual orientation, therefore a straight guy would become a bi girl, etc. Official explanation is because it was designed for use by genderless aliens who wanted to settle among and interbreed with species which did have genders. Drake is pansexual (i.e. potentially likes everyone, including men, women, and tentacle monsters - hey, he's from an anime continuum) and didn't even understand the concept of orientation as such until Naomi explained it after a TS Bad Slash mission, so nothing's changed for him/her.

In the genderbending mission which started everything, nothing changed because they weren't using El Goonish Shive technology to genderbend until Skyfire got zapped at the end bit. The Sue tech works some other way.

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