Subject: On the contrary!
Posted on: 2009-02-03 20:37:00 UTC

...the effect doesn't appear to be limited to agents actually in HQ, though that one case could be a blip in the data.

Two cases. Narto and Louise were also bent, and are also outside HQ. Lou wasn't even with the PPC in this timeline, so that makes no sense.

In addition, it seems to have affected children (or at least I think Molly was...), in and possibly out of HQ (although no one ever checked Tanfin to be sure). It may or may not have affected animal companions, ie fire lizards.

Is sexual orientation affected? [...] No, but best to be sure.

I would say, in fact, yes. It's been reversed, at least in some cases. Lou and Narto, specifically, seem to be attracted to one another as things stand. Whether the effect is a reversal, or merely an overlaying of attraction to the opposite gender to your current form (as I think the TF gun does), I don't know. I can't remember what Drake's sexuality's like normally, and I think she's the only one who's done anything else romanticish.

The question of whether it affects Flowers is, as you say, currently unanswered, but would be very interesting to see, since it would resolve the Gender And Flowers debate once and for all. It would also be interesting to find out what, if any, effect it has on the following:

-Asexual lifeforms with a neutral persona
-Asexual lifeforms with either male or female personalities
-Robots (eg, CAL-9000)
-Anyone with multiple personalities (would the multiples be changed too?)

I'm not sure whether any other than robots actually exist in HQ, though.


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