Subject: Well...
Posted on: 2009-02-09 01:53:00 UTC

At the moment, there's nowhere to go. We have a lack of internal consistency what with people dropping in and out of existence and, with the DORKS already recovered, no plot. So I think a bit of re-writing is in order before anything else happens. I'd like to see the foxhunt go on for a while, at least. We can still have Ansela and Risa catch Drake if they want to, but not so quickly. I'd also like to write my agents back into the scene to fill out that stretch where the RP left me behind.

Another problem is that I misinterpreted the door in hS's original post. He wrote "the door of HQ." I read "the doors of HQ," plural, and figured one of them would be the door to RC #999. Do we want the setting to be the corridor outside that RC, or something else?


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