Subject: in RC#45...
Posted on: 2009-02-04 03:31:00 UTC

We do not know when the genderbending of most of HQ took place. However, the genderbending in RC#45 occurred in February 2009 HST, as it fits the Plot.

It is unknown whether sexual orientation is affected, as Agent Trojie has only ever hitherto expressed desire for unattainable musicians, and Agent Paddlebrains is and has always been incorrigible.

Clothes have maintained such time at which they have been removed. At which point no-one was paying attention. Clothes could have spontaneously combusted, for all the inhabitants of RC#45 noticed.

One change in behaviour has been noted: sexual inhibitions relating to prior bodies appear to be decreased. More details to be released at a later date, assuming we ever stop laughing.

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