Subject: Ye Storye So Farre.
Posted on: 2009-02-07 21:01:00 UTC

Courtesy the Tangled Webs site

This includes everything by myself, Neshomeh, Laburnum and Ansela, and all except one post by Kitsune. The material by Ugolino and Heliomance isn't included, as it isn't part of the main thread as yet, and also doesn't have pictures to go with it.

I've done a minimum amount of editing, mostly to a) put everything into the past tense, and b) introduce consistancy by making Naomi "he" and Drake "she" in all narration. Dialogue references have been left as they are. I've also adjusted the spelling (although one word left me stumped -- the DORKS "phrapped" and I have no idea whether that's what was intended, so I've left it) and punctuation in places.

I will be taking the pictures and storing them on the Tangled Webs image host, but haven't done so yet, so try not to delete anything. And, Laburnum, if you're reading, I know there's some difficulties concerning use of Stormsong and Skyfire, so if it's a problem we can either edit the story or take it down. It's not linked in to the site, so at present it's just all together for convenience.


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