Subject: This is very true. (SUMMARY)
Posted on: 2009-02-10 22:54:00 UTC

So, conclusions so far:

-We need to edit it a bit to indicate that C&D came in from Outside.
-We need to extend the fox-hunt before Ansela catches Drake.
-We need to sort out the Lux thing. This is a conclusion I've just invented, but it makes sense. As it stands, what happens is: Ansela claims Drake was waving the DORKS, Drake claims she gave it to Lux, and then reveals that's a lie. But Ansela would've known it was a lie, and Drake doesn't seem to have any reason to say she did and then revoke it (except that Kit felt like he'd driven me out of the thread or somesuch, which wasn't true :P). So that could do with making more sense.

I think we can agree that the genderbending is because of the DORKS... or can we? Kit keeps suggesting it's something to do with Drake's flashpatch, while it could also be the portal device MT rescued from the 'fic... but it's probably the DORKS. So the plot needs to centre around who has the blessed thing.

Hmm. How about (just a suggestion, now) we turn Drake's lie into the truth. Ansela never saw the DORKS, and Drake /did/ give it to Lux (or at least to someone). Then we can have a severely picked-on Drake forced to go along and try to help retrieve it, all while (if it is Lux) the genderbending takes on new quirks as Lux fiddles with the DORKS. Since you /know/ she'd do /something/, and don't I remember her fiddling with technology sometime during TOS?

... bother. You know /he'd/ do something, etc. Genderbent.

Okay, I don't know.


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