Subject: Wherein Peregrin gets corralled into an interview
Posted on: 2023-05-05 03:35:32 UTC

  1. What's your name?

  2. Give me your full name...
    Fraa Peregrin of Savant Rambraf's ... wait, no, hold on, Agent Peregrin of the Department of Mary Sues, Protectors of the Plot Continuum

  3. Do you have a nickname?
    Not currently.
    3b. Not currently?
    Well, no one around here has any reason to call me Fraa Singularity, either on account of my line of work or because I had a tendency to end up with things - mostly notes and data - that I was not, strictly speaking, supposed to have.

  4. What species are you?
    I am a human from Arbe, in the Anathem continuum. and yes, the planet is relevant, nested multiverses and all

  5. Moving on, where/when were you born?
    Where, I could not exactly say, there was no record, though I grew up in Savant Rambraf's and that is the only home I know. As to when ... well, I am afraid I do not currently remember the exact year - somewhere in the 21st century AR, I believe.

  6. I see, and that would make your age ...?
    Oh, two hundred forty-something. We did not pay terribly close attention to ages.

  7. Okay, now ... are you a good guy or a bad guy?
    Well, that entirely depends on who you ask. I, personally, think I am doing more good than not, though if you asked the Warden Regulant, for instance, you would probably be told that I am a rather gifted researcher but also a menace to good order. So, really, I would say your question is ill-posed.

  8. How would you describe your personality?
    Ah, difficult questions. Well, the first answers that come to mind are that I am curious, perhaps somewhat flighty, and rather opposed to hierarchy. Which, now that I have said it, reminds me of cats. So perhaps my personality is like a cat's, with more of an obsession with knowledge and learning the truth of the universe added in.

  9. Would you say you are someone who can handle pressure?
    Hm ... well, I can manage stressful situations - all these missions I go on, for instance - but they are not something I actively go seeking out.

  10. Do you like to read?
    Oh, absolutely. And I am quite fortunate that the librarians here do not tend to pull in stray avout to copy whatever they came to read up on.

  11. Favorite color?
    Hm ... I ... black. Well, not black, exactly, but the colors of a clear night sky coming in to view.

  12. Do you get along well with others?
    I do my best to, though some people are, honestly, irritating to interact with.

  13. Do you have any enemies?
    Hm ... "enemy" is a rather strong characterization. I have had some long-standing rivalries - Suur Ala, for instance, we seem to get into an argument about the information density of black hole emissions every time we meet, and there are hierarchs who still dislike me - well, they have a point, I never quite stopped breaking rules here and there, I just got subtle about it - but not enemies. And out here ... unless Mary Sues count because of the general conflict, not particularly.

  14. How about friends?
    Well, I would not bore you with the long series of people I often ate and collaborated with over the years, but, in the PPC ... Technician Tomash, my former partner, and the Serendipities - they are wonderful conversation when we get a chance to talk, which is less often than I would like these days.

  15. Are you patient?
    Yes and no. There is some level of patience needed in my line of work - and on missions - but I have never been one for waiting for artificial barriers to resolve themselves when I can do something about them.

  16. Suppose that you could become any creature you know of? What would you pick, and why?
    If we define creature broadly, one of any number of gods. Failing that .... Culture GSV or a TARDIS or the like, but, failing all that, with what I am currently working on - a Flower, to get their intuitive understanding of Headquarters and the multiverse.

  17. One of your enemies in question 13 has complemented you. Response?
    Given the likely context, acknowledge that they saw I had a point and move to another part of the discussion. Or simply thank them.

  18. One of your friends in question 14 has insulted you. Response?
    Depends on the insult, but, in general, we are likely debating something or somewhat drunk, and so I would not be particularly offended.

  19. If you could change anything about yourself ...
    A more accurate - and extensive - memory, better calculation abilities ... though I suppose we have computers for that here, and not needing sleep.

  20. About your home...
    About my Response Center? The clock really could use some more information. And the console could be quieter. As to my former home ... tear down the walls, take back the particle accelerators, and drag everyone into an age of technological sophistication. So a much more aggressive ending than canon.

  21. What're your parents like?
    I do not know.

  22. Do you have any siblings?
    I also do not know.

  23. What's your occupation?
    Studying the structure of the multiverse, with particular reference to data generated by PPC Headquarters and its multi-dimensional structure ... oh and I suppose I also kill Mary Sues.

  24. I see. That's a good job to have. Do you like it?
    I do! Falling into Headquarters - the initial oxygen compatibility problems aside - was the best thing to happen to my research career since that one comet. The place is fascinating!

  25. Are you seeing/dating anyone?
    Oh, no, not these days. It has been quite some time since I considered that sort of thing.

  26. Thinking about getting engaged, married, other?
    Oh, no, I am quite busy as it is.

  27. Tell us your biggest secret.
    Oh, no, I will not be explaining how to get into that secluded alcove near the beehives anywhere published. Someone who can fix that problem might see it.

  28. Your worst fear? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

  29. Favorite food?
    There really is something to be said for fresh bread, in that it is both testy and can be eaten rather quickly?

  30. Favorite drink?
    Either coffee or one of the better Vrone wines.

  31. Tell us one thing you're most proud of.
    Spotting the regularities in what looked like a rather noisy comet trail, and thus locating a black hole that hadn't been recorded before, as far as anyone knew!

  32. Something embarrassing? You don't have to answer this one either.
    Probably the number of times I have forgotten about dinner. Or breakfast. Or, really, come to think of it, that I almost forgot about my own Eliger ... which was both funny and not that irregular.

  33. [he did answer the explicitly skippable questions, omitted]

  34. [similarly]

  35. Before I remove the fourth wall, tell me: would you be willing to accept the fact that you are a character?
    Well, it is an extremely likely position for me to be in, not to mention that my universe is fictional somewhere else ... it would be nice to find out, yes.

  36. There! Now the fourth wall's gone. Response?
    Oh, fascinating! I think ... is that my response being built up in real time? Or is "recorded" more accurate? Really, this raises a lot of questions ...
    Tomash: That I can't answer. The philosophy of the multiverse is more your field than mine, honestly.

  37. This is your creator's world. What's the first thing you notice?
    Well, this certainly explains how some of the choices made in technology here went the way they did, and so that is evidence for the theory that the PPC spawned off of World One. Come to think of it, can I check ...?
    Tomash: Yes, but it won't be canon.
    Peregrin: That's quite unfortunate, quite unfortunate. But yes, you have quite a nice world.

  38. You just met your creator! First impressions?
    He seems like a sensible young man. I am curious about how he ended up as my author, though.
    [...] Ah, I see. My condolences on the failed research program, they happen to the best of us.

  39. Ok, let's put the fourth wall back. That wasn't so bad, was it?
    I would be most grateful if you would remove it again. I have several experiments I would like to run.

  40. Are you satisfied with your life?
    Some occasional annoyances around missions or my partner - or how maddening Headquarters can be - aside, yes, I quite like my life right now.

  41. Anything you feel like you have to do? It can be something long-term, like a bucket list, or something you need to do right now.
    Understand the worlds I have found myself in. It is not possible, realistically, especially since the methods of gaining immortality are rather strictly controlled here and it is possible that even that would not be enough, but ... I must make the attempt.

  42. Any hobbies?
    I have found myself enjoying chess recently...

  43. Quick, you get one wish! What did you just wish for? It's alright, you can tell me
    A definitive account of the origins and core laws of the multiverse in a form I can understand - or at least as close to that as is possible.

  44. How would you describe that wish? Good? Bad? Selfish? Selfless? Other?
    Somewhat selfish, in that I want to know that, but not entirely, because quite a lot of people also want this information and now they will have it.

  45. Have you been honest with these questions?

  46. Do you have a personal quote?
    There are far too many sayings I agree with, so, ... I do not have a clear answer to this question.

  47. Do you like change?
    Change is what makes life interesting, so yes. Yes I do.

  48. What's your most valued possession?
    Good question. I think the bolt, sphere, and cord I came here with - and, to some extent, the notes I was holding - since they are both my only true possessions from home and thus a connection to it and because I grew rather attached to them over the centuries.

  49. Anything else you feel like sharing?
    Well, since you asked [long rambly science ramble elided for the reader's sanity].

  50. Last question! ...Yup, that's it! How do you feel?
    This was quite an interesting conversation, thank you! I should ... right, I should go eat.

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