Subject: Finola's responses, in which she swears a lot
Posted on: 2023-04-29 05:16:07 UTC

Part I: Let's Start at the Beginning…

What's your name?


Give me your full name...

Agent Finola Galloway. Sheesh.

Do you have a nickname? If yes, what is it and how did you come to have it?

Hawkeye. Because people have no imagination.

What species are you? (Human, werewolf, etc? Or are you an alien?)

Hawk Faunus. Guess which part of me got swapped out.

Where/when were you born?

Argus Air Force Base in Mistral. The Atlesian Air Force, mind you. That's in RWBY, for everybody else. About 21 years ago.

I see. And that would make your age...?


Okay, now… are you a good guy, or a bad guy?

I'm a good guy. I mean, we do good things here, don't we?

Part II: Tell Us More About Yourself…

How would you describe your personality?

Uh...I'm pretty nice, I guess. I got a lotta shit to put up with. I'm doing my best here.

Would you say you're someone who can handle pressure?

Yeah. I mean, I work here.

Do you like to read?

Sure, I guess. I mean, does anyone here say no? I thought the whole thing here was heading.

Favorite color?

I dunno. Blue, maybe?

Do you get along with others?

Yeah. I can work in a team.

Do you have any enemies?

Yep. A lot. There's a whole lotta Sues out there. And Grimm. And all the other bad guys.

How about friends?

Yeah. Besides Tolin, there's this, uh, firefighter who lives in New Cal, she's from Mistral. We get coffee.

Are you patient?

Yes. Do you know how long Missions can be? Yes, I know we can portal through fics.

Part III: Hypothetically…

Suppose that you could become any creature you know of. What would you pick, and why?

I could. That's what the diguise generator is for. I'm happy being myself, thanks.

One of your enemies in question 13 just complimented you. Response?

They can still go to hell.

One of your friends in Question 14 just insulted you. Response?

They can go to hell too.

If you could change anything about yourself...

Well, I could do without periods. Definitely without the cramps. Fuck that shit.

About your home...

Part IV: Now We Get Personal

What're your parents like?

They're pretty great. Both Air Force, but I love 'em anyway. Heh, that's Army humor for you. To be honest, I don't think they were super happy when I enlisted. Looking back now I can't blame 'em.

Do you have any siblings?


What's your occupation?

Agent, like I said. I work in Floaters.

I see, that's a good job to have. Do you like it?

Good? I don't know about that. Like it? It could be worse. Somebody has to do it, though.

Are you seeing/dating anyone?

Nope. You think I have time for that? You're lucky my console hasn't beeped yet.

Thinking about getting engaged, married, other?

Maybe sometime. That's a later problem.

Tell us your biggest secret.

Uh, no.

Your worst fear? You don't have to answer this one if you don't want to.

Again, no.

Favorite food?

Dunno. I'll eat pretty much anything. Those fried things they had at Rudi's last week were pretty good.

Favorite drink?

Probably coffee.

Tell us one thing you're the most proud of.

Making T/5. I had to work hard to get there.

Something embarrassing? You don't have to answer this one, either.

If you didn't answer Questions 28 and/or 32, tell me why.

Because they're pretty personal, asshole.

Is that a good reason?

Yeah. It is.

Part V: Breaking the Fourth Wall For these next few questions, I'll briefly remove the fourth wall between your world and your creator's. Try to remain calm.

Before I remove the fourth wall, tell me: would you be willing to accept the fact that you're actually a character?

At this point? Here? I'll believe anything.

There! Now the fourth wall's gone. Response?

I'm shocked. Really. I'm fucking amazed.

(She was not)

This is your creator's world. What's the first thing you notice?

It's Earth, right? Well, you could've told me it would be spring here. I could've brought a sweater.

You just met your creator! First impression?

That guy? I dunno. I was expecting...more, I guess.

Okay, let's put the fourth wall back. See, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Part VI: Closing

Are you satisfied with your life?

It could be better, but it could be a lot worse.

Anything you feel like you have to do? It can be something long-term, like a bucket list, or something you need to do right now.

Well, since you asked about food, I'm getting kinda hungry.

Any hobbies?

Since you mentioned it, I read. Sometimes. I play a lot of video games. I'm on a Grifball team, too. One of the ones who don't use, uh, lethal weapons.

Quick, you get one wish! What did you just wish for? It's alright, you can tell me…

I wish you guys would pay me for those photographs I sent you last month. Where's my money? I know you published them.

How would you describe that wish? Good? Bad? Selfish? Selfless? Other?

You know, you take long enough, I'll go ask DIA about this.

Have you been honest with these questions?


Do you have a personal quote?


Do you like change?

If it's good.

What's your most valued possession?

My rifle. I've gone through a lot with it.

Anything else you feel like sharing?

Last question! ...Yup, that's it! How do you feel?

Still hungry. I'm gonna go find some lunch.

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