Subject: (( I have remembered this exists! ))
Posted on: 2019-09-28 21:29:42 UTC

Henry led the way down the hall, pointing out the offices on the way. Singer probably already knew which nurses lived in which rooms, but like the doors in the rest of HQ, these often appeared out of numerical order, so it was fun to see what popped up where.

"Oh!" He paused by one. "Here's C-14. Mom and I used to live here, but then we got my little brother, his name is Simon, and we had to move to C-7. I think this is still empty, though."

He tried the handle, and when it turned he pushed the door open.

(( This probably just reveals a dark, completely empty room, but I figured I'd leave a little space for shenanigans, just in case. {= D ))

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