Subject: Henry pushed the door open farther.
Posted on: 2019-08-29 02:37:52 UTC

He had heard people say he took after Severus Snape, one of his fathers, in looks, but the messy black hair and the green eyes recalled Harry Potter, the other. Mom (his adopted mom) had green eyes, too; she said that proved he belonged to her, but Henry was pretty sure that was too sappy to be true. She was so weird sometimes.

"I live here," he answered Singer, dodging what he assumed was the intent of the question like a pro. It felt a bit too much like lying once he'd said it, though, so he added, "I was just going to get a snack in the break room. You're new, right? Want to come?"

He wasn't exactly sure why he'd said that. Sharing food was polite, but the woman was a nurse, and she could go to the break room whenever she wanted to, just like the rest of the nurses. Oh well, too late now.

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