Subject: Singer considered the offer for a moment.
Posted on: 2019-08-29 03:18:14 UTC

On the one hand, she'd been working for a while, and now that she considered it, she was hungry. On the other, she was only halfway through her stack of folders...on a foot, this was going to take quite a while.

After a minute, though, her sense of duty won out. "I thank you, but I must be working."

Even as she sternly reminded herself that Singers put their work first, and that selflessness was a virtue of her order, her stomach let out a protesting groan, and she took stock of herself again. Mother's mercy, I'm ravenous. Even as she winced at the pangs, though, she doggedly returned to her typing. Doubtless Henry had realized she was hungrier than she was letting on, though...

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