Subject: A stealthy shape slipped past the door.
Posted on: 2019-08-28 04:38:01 UTC

(( I'm assuming this is her office, C-22, and that her door is at least partly ajar, since it's not specified and that makes it easier to interact. {= ) ))

A stealthy shape slipped past the door. After a moment, though, it came back, and lurked like a shadow just beyond the ray of dim light lying across the hallway.

Henry Robinson was not supposed to be out and about at this hour; he was supposed to be asleep in his bunk bed, but he was wide awake, and bored, and hungry. The ten-year-old (nearly eleven!) was going through an early growth spurt, so Mom told him, and that meant he needed more food. It seemed like a legitimate excuse to sneak out of his room in the middle of the night, and it wasn't like he'd left FicPsych. He wasn't trying to get into trouble like he had a couple of months ago. He'd even been careful not to wake up his little brother.

Now, though, something more interesting than the old replicator in the nurses' lounge had caught his eye. He'd seen the newest nurse before--living in the department, it would've been hard not to--but he'd never really gotten a good look at her. She was pretty, Henry thought. Maybe not the prettiest, but definitely prettier than any of the girls his age, who were almost all stupid and annoying anyway.

Henry knew it was creepy to stand around staring at someone late at night, so he didn't want to watch too long. Should he say hi, or just go? It looked like the nurse was working on some project, but not too energetically. She probably wouldn't mind being distracted from something like that. Hopefully not even by a kid with a messy bedhead and knobby ankles sticking out from the bottoms of his red pajamas. Henry stepped into the beam of light, knocked quietly on the door, and said "Hi."

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