Subject: Open RP: Late Nights (Permission required, may become canon)
Posted on: 2019-08-26 21:16:46 UTC

Nighttime, as far as anyone paid attention in HQ. The office was mostly deserted. Most of the nurses were busy elsewhere, on rounds or resting.

The newest member of FicPsych, however, wasn't doing either of those things. Singer had a box of patient files open on her lap and a laptop set beside her, hunting and pecking for keys as she transcribed notes into the system. She hummed softly as she worked. Her lightglass glowed softly in the dimly lit office, its little flame burning steadily. It was slow going, both from the sheer volume of notes and from the fact that she couldn't touch-type, but the files were overdue for transcription, and she didn't mind the slightly tedious job. The monotony soothed her, and she loved knowing her work had value. She wasn't even looking at the clock.

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