Subject: Uzumaki Pompom was currently lurking three corridors away.
Posted on: 2011-07-31 19:29:00 UTC

Hearing the familiar voices of his mothers, he tucked his tiny body into a corner and waited till they were gone. Being a toddler with the natural curiosity and disobedience of a kitten, he wasn't keen to give up his newfound invisibility. He sucked his claws and listened.

"Luna, honey, it's not that bad!" said Cheri comfortingly, patting her girlfriend's ankle.

"Not that bad?! This is horrible! I'm ... I'm ..." Luna babbled, struggling to finish her sentence. "You've turned into a carnivore, and ... and ..."

Pompom peered out at his parents, realising that whatever had affected him must have also affected them. Cheri appeared entirely normal, except for the fact that the tiny rabbit-eared woman, usually a strict vegetarian, was holding a half-eaten chunk of raw meat and pausing occasionally to take another bite from it. Luna had suffered much worse, and was now ...

"A human! I can't believe it, I'm a human! I hate being human!"

"Oh, don't overreact! You're just a little bigger than usual."

"A little?" Luna was now easily two-and-a-half times her normal height, and as she lacked her usual long tail, was having to lean against the wall to walk without falling over.

Cheri sniffed the air. "I think he's this way, c'mon."

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