Subject: "Pompom?" yelled Nurse Val, adjusting the towel on her head.
Posted on: 2011-07-28 17:05:00 UTC

As she turned the corner, she ran slap bang into Agent Luxury.

"Val! Sweetie!" Lux cried, sounding very relieved. "How'd you know I was heading to Medical?"

"I didn't, I'm out here looking for Pompom," said Val. "Careful with the towel!"

"Eh? Why?" Lux promptly grabbed the towel and whipped it off Val's head, revealing that the nurse was now completely bald and suffering from a bright blue rash on her exposed scalp.

"Hey!" Val snatched the towel back and putting it back on. "I'm assuming you're heading to Medical because something randomly weird has happened to you as well?"

"Damn right!" Lux said miserably. "I woke up this morning and ... well, remember Alan Rickman in Dogma?"

Val did. "Ewww! Yeah, I'd say you need to get down to Medical right now - but in the meantime, have you seen Pompom?"


"Uzumaki Pompom. Three-year-old, black hair, big dark eyes, 'bout six inches tall, cat ears? Currently invisible?"

Anyone other than Lux would probably have pointed out that she couldn't have seen him if he was invisible. "No, sorry, I'll keep a lookout."

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