Subject: Deryn elbowed Leas in the ribs, and he winced.
Posted on: 2008-08-24 08:55:00 UTC

"It's not that she's really bad," he admitted. "But she's off-key- Deryn, stop that!- and it's bad enough in German."

"Hey, there're worse songs I could pull out," Deryn pointed out, handing Leas a plate. "Not while the music's on, though, and not while it's your birthday. It'd be a shame to ruin that."

(Okay. I just wonder about the arrangements for the page names, since this Tyler doesn't seem to have a last name. He's pretty distinctive, though- got turned into a Pak- Nixen's Known Space verse, apparently; I'm not personally familiar with it- and Medical couldn't reverse it, so I doubt anyone'd mistake them on sight.)

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