Subject: "Oh, we're all right, all things considered," Leas said.
Posted on: 2008-08-23 14:24:00 UTC

"The missions we've been getting have been all right so far- touch wood-" he knocked on the table- "and the Minis haven't destroyed too much lately. A dedicated corner was definitely a good idea." He paused, and gave Cassie something of a worried look. "Er, you know we're not like that, don't you?"

Deryn looked up from dithering over the jelly beans and poked him. "Well, you can't blame people, we didn't get out that much back when," she said. "And, well" She shrugged, and grinned at Plat. "I've met him. Don't think Leas has. Good to see you again!"

"Pleasure to meet you," Leas said, offering a hand to Plat. "Oh, and-" He held out the present to Cassie. "It's not dangerous, I promise," he said, and added as Deryn launched into Happy Birthday (except in German), "though Deryn's singing might be."

(I've got a question I was going through a couple of missions written by a guy I knew on a board separate to the PPC Board, and thinking about putting up pages for the Agents, I wondered about names- one's all right, I think, but the other's another Tyler. Not sure quite what to do there. I'd like to hear your thoughts, if that's all right.)

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