Subject: Everyone, listen to my song!
Posted on: 2008-10-24 18:08:00 UTC

A young woman leaned on the wall, blue eyes closed as she waited for other partygoers to turn up. She wore a short, blue sleeveless dress, which was longer in the back than the front, over a half-sleeved white blouse, with a large pink bow tied around her neck. Her hands and forearms were covered by spotless white gloves, and a chunky bangle dangled from one wrist. Her pink and blonde hair was topped by a blue beret the same colour as her dress, and she wore a pair of tan-coloured knee-length heeled boots on her feet. A half-empty can of soda dangled from one hand as she flipped her hair back to reveal a single earring, an iridescent purple gem hanging delicately within a golden rhombus and connected to her ear by a wire so fine it was invisible but for the single bead halfway down it.

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